Why Is A No-Fault-Divorce A Viable Way To End Your Marriage? Find Out

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Why Is A No-Fault-Divorce A Viable Way To End Your Marriage? Find Out

19 January 2023
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It is advisable to consult an attorney before dissolving your marriage. This way, you learn of the different options available in obtaining a divorce. Your legal advisor will also explain the differences between fault and no-fault divorces so that you can choose the one most appropriate for your circumstances. Furthermore, they will give recommendations regarding choices that may be less complex and expensive. As such, your attorney may recommend a no-fault divorce because it can offer the following benefits:

Enhancing Better Communication

Disagreements typically make it difficult for divorcing couples to agree on various issues. Fortunately, these problems are less likely to occur if you choose a no-fault divorce. With this option, you have smoother communication, reduce arguments and make it easier to agree on contentious issues. As a result, it can enable you to dissolve your marriage faster. A no-fault divorce may also make it easier to solve problems in case issues arise after dissolving your marriage. In such instances, you only need to inform your attorney about the issue you're facing so that they can advise you on how to proceed. This will position you to come up with a solution without arguing or taking your case to court for determination.

Providing a Faster Way to Dissolve Your Marriage

Divorces that drag on generally cause additional stress to the parties involved. This is why your lawyer may counsel you to choose a divorce option that will facilitate resolution within the shortest time possible. Notably, with a no-fault divorce, you can dissolve your marriage quickly because you don't need to collect evidence proving your partner's wrongdoing. Instead, your lawyer will only need to show that you can no longer live together as a couple. It may be enough to grant you and your partner a divorce, which might only take a few weeks.

Helping to Reduce the Cost Associated With Divorce

Dissolving a marriage can be very expensive, and you may need time to regain your financial footing after parting with your partner. Yet, expenses are not a major concern if you opt for a no-fault divorce. This is because it is less expensive than a fault divorce. Moreover, the process can cost you less if you work with an attorney because they will employ strategies to help fast-track the process and enable you to get your divorce faster.

If you're planning to dissolve your marriage, speak to a divorce attorney to understand the no-fault divorce better. The legal practitioner will expound on it, enabling you to determine whether it is the right option for you. Then, if you go with this divorce type, your lawyer will guide you through the process to help ensure that you get a favorable outcome.