DUI Defense Lawyer—How They Can Smooth Things Over

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DUI Defense Lawyer—How They Can Smooth Things Over

10 May 2023
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If you're charged with a DUI, you need to be careful about what you do next. The right steps can minimize this charge. You can hire a defense attorney when put in this legal situation and then be better off for a couple of reasons. 

Prevent a Harsh Punishment if This Is Your Second Offense

Getting charged with your first DUI is stressful, but it's even worse if you get charged a second time. If you're in this situation, you don't want to suffer a harsh punishment like a hefty fine or many days in jail. As such, it's important to hire a DUI defense lawyer. With their assistance and knowledge of DUI law, you have a better chance of avoiding a really harsh punishment. You just need to do what the attorney says and potentially get ready to make a plea bargain at some point.

Make a Dismissal a Possibility

One tactic that might be possible after being charged with a DUI is a dismissal. It's rare but can happen if you hire a skilled DUI defense attorney. If you feel like you're innocent or the arrest wasn't legitimate, then this attorney is your best defense. They can compile evidence and go to bat for you in court, with the possibility of getting your DUI charge dismissed entirely. Then you wouldn't have to worry about this charge going on your record or paying a lot of money for driving-related fines over the next couple of months.

Prevent You From Wasting Your Time in Court

If you didn't have a defense attorney and tried to deal with a DUI charge, you may spend a lot of time in court. This can be stressful. Whereas if you hire a DUI defense attorney, they will ensure you only go to court if it's absolutely necessary. For instance, if you need to give your testimony or are receiving a sentence, the attorney will tell you when to show up to court. You won't have to worry about wasting any time when dealing with a DUI charge for the foreseeable future.

Dealing with a DUI can be tough because it can be costly and this may even be your second or third offense. When the chips seem stacked against you, rely on a DUI defense lawyer. They'll protect your rights and ensure this legal situation plays out as best as it can, saving you from regrets. 

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