Charged With a DUI? Here Are Your Next Steps

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Charged With a DUI? Here Are Your Next Steps

23 April 2020
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There are serious consequences that can come with a DUI conviction. Because of this, individuals who are facing a DUI charge may be unsure of what steps they need to take. Unfortunately, the actions that you take immediately following your release can have a considerable impact on a lawyer's ability to properly protect your individual rights and obtain the most favorable outcome.

If you have been accused of driving under the influence, keep reading to learn about the next steps that you should be taking.

Jot Down Your Experience

When authorities arrest a person for a DUI, they are required to follow very district procedures that are designed to protect the individual's Constitutional rights. In the event that the cops fail to do this, your lawyer may be able to have some of the evidence thrown out, or in some cases, be able to have your entire case dismissed completely. Once you are released, it is important to grab a piece of paper or notebook and write down everything that you remember that happened while it is fresh in your memory. This includes the location where you were pulled over, everything that was said, and the types of tests that were administered by the arresting officer.

Shut Down Your Social Media Accounts

You may not realize it, but some of the most seemingly harmless posts on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms can quickly be taken out of context and then used to cast you in a very negative light. Once you are released from police custody, you should set any and all of your social media accounts to private. In addition, you should avoid accepting friend requests and ensure your family and friends don't tag you in any of their posts until your case has come to an end. This is for your protection.

Speak to a DUI Attorney

The law surrounding DUI can be quite complex, so it is wise not to attempt to go about all of this on your own. A lawyer who has DUI experience will have the expertise to evaluate your situation, challenge evidence that has been collected improperly, and negotiate with the prosecuting attorneys on your behalf. Even in the event that your attorney recommends that you accept a guilty plea, you can do so knowing that the guilty plea is your absolute best option considering the situations.

If you find yourself facing DUI charges, get in touch with a DUI attorney to assess your situation.