How To Handle Criminal Charges If You Are Innocent

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How To Handle Criminal Charges If You Are Innocent

3 February 2020
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While most people claim to be innocent when they are facing criminal charges or in jail serving time for charges, many of these individuals are not really being honest about it. There are times, though, when people really are innocent of the charges the court is bringing against them. If this is you, it is important to find out how to handle the situation when facing criminal charges as an innocent person. Here are some things to know about this.

The Prosecutor Might Determine There Is Not Enough Evidence

When a charge initially occurs, it is usually because the police suspect that a person committed a crime. The charge does not instantly become active in the court at this time, though. Instead, it lands on the desk of the prosecutor at the court. The prosecutor has many jobs and roles, and one is to determine if he or she wants to prosecute the case. In most situations, this decision is based on how much evidence is available. If you really did not commit the crime, there might not be enough evidence to follow through with the charge, and the prosecutor might realize this and make the decision to drop all charges.

Your Attorney Could Fight the Charges Based on Your Innocence

If the prosecutor does not make this decision, your lawyer might be able to convince him or her by providing enough evidence to show that you had no part in the crime that you are being charged with. It can be a tough job to convince a prosecutor of this, but it is possible if you have evidence to prove your innocence and if you have a great criminal defense lawyer working with you on your case.

You Could Go Through With a Trial or Make a Plea Bargain

If all else fails, there are two options you can choose from. One, you could admit guilt through a plea bargain and receive a lighter charge. Two, you could go through with a trial. If you go through with a trial and have plenty of evidence to prove your innocence, the jury might agree with you and declare an "innocent" verdict at the end of the case.

It is very difficult for a person who is innocent to have to go through a process like this, but it happens. If you are innocent and need help, talk to a criminal lawyer today.